Manufacturer of COLD FIRE ®, FireFreeze Worldwide, INC. developed the product based on the need to supply the firefighting industry with an efficient and effective firefighting agent that not only extinguishes fire quickly, but does so without harming the environment, fire fighters, and fire victims.

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• Easy To Use
• Super Effective
• Eco-Friendly
• Instantly Extinguishes

FireFreeze Worldwide, INC. Products

Fire Block

Fire Block is a revolutionary product which works to form its own thermal insulation barrier to prevent dangerous flames from spreading.

Motor Max

If driving your family car or operating a heavy piece of equipment, Motor Max is your key to maximum engine performance.

Odor Seal

Odor Seal destroys odors naturally by encapsulating the odor producing source, eliminating the odor almost immediately.

Industry Use

FireFreeze products have many uses in both commercial and industrial settings. Stop fire faster.

Fire, EMS, and Police Departments Military/Governmental Entities
Port Authorities
Transportation Agencies
Marine Industry
Manufacturing Facilities

Construction, Plumbing, Welding & Roofing Automobile Manufacturing
Motorized Racing Industry
Power Plants & Utilities
Correctional Facilities

Security Industry Paper & Textile Industry
Mining Industry
Oil Refineries
Steel Industry
Metal Manufacturing